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We, at Shyamtex, make garments for Men's / Women's and Junior's. The product mix includes Men's and Junior's Knitted Polo's, T shirts, Joggers, shorts and Jackets. For Women's, the mix is Knitted Polo's, T shirts, Joggers, shorts, Jackets, Tops and dresses.

We specialise in different treatments and washes on garments like


  • Enzyme wash
  • Vintage wash
  • Oil Wash
  • Snow wash
  • Acid Wash
  • Sunbleach
  • Spray

Garment Dying

  • Tie Dye
  • Pigment Dying
  • Cold Pigment Dying
  • Reactive Dying
  • Fluroscent Dying
  • Sulphur Dying Acid wash

Due to the flexibility in the production lines, we can cater to both big volume and small size orders and can change styles easily on the lines.